From simple rubber bands to complex full-body systems, these are the best resistance bands for strength training and home workouts…

Resistance bands have become a staple in many homes and gyms. They’re portable and lightweight, don’t take up too much space, and – if you know what to do with them – can help you get an excellent resistance workout without spending big bucks on kit.

Get to grips with the best bands with handles

If you thought all resistance bands were created equal, though, you may be surprised by what’s out there. From cheap and cheerful traditional options like the Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Band set, to pricey powerhouse systems like TRX’s RIP Trainer or the Gorilla Bow Travel, whatever your need there’s probably a resistance band that can scratch your particular itch.

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There are two main categories of bands: simple resistance bands and resistance band systems. Simple bands are usually thin sheets of stretchy material, typically made of latex, silicone, synthetic rubber or TPE, though can be made of fabric – a popular material for thigh and bum-focused bands. These require a bit of imagination if you want a full body workout, with light bands great for getting the blood pumping, and heavier options supplementing dumbbells and bars. They can also be used as pull-up assists.

Resistance band systems are incredibly varied. They feature an element in addition to the bands to help take training to the next level, be it a simple handle, as found in the TRX Bandit resistance band kit, or a large bar-type element. The Gymproluxe Band Bar Set, for example, combines heavy bands with a bar, which greatly simplifies chest press and bent-over row type exercises.


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What makes a good resistance band?

Rather than asking what makes a good resistance band, you should be asking what makes a good resistance band for you.

Most bands on the market serve a purpose, with lightweight options being great for stretches and basic resistance training, and more heavyweight options being better for muscle building. Standard bands are generally more portable, while systems take up more space.

From a safety point of view, a good band is one that won’t snap. You should always check that your band doesn’t have any micro tears in it before you start working out. Imagine being flicked with the biggest elastic band by the most brutish bully in school – if a resistance band snaps mid-workout, it won’t be pretty.

By their nature, bands also have variable resistance. Often their resistance is measured by two corresponding weights – 5-10lb (2.3-4.5kg), for example. The first weight measurement – 5lb – is the band at 50% tension. The second weight – 10lb – is the band at 100% tension. Bands usually hit 100% when stretched to double their starting length.

If you have shorter limbs and want maximum tension, you shouldn’t opt for really long bands as it may be tough to hit that 100% resistance. Likewise, tall people shouldn’t opt for bands that are too short, as they might hit full tension too soon, preventing them from being able to get a full range of motion when training.

Once you decide what you need from your band – one that is travel-friendly, easy to use, comes with training videos etc – then you can pinpoint what makes a good band for your training needs.

Best Resistance Bands 2023

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  1. Best for seasoned trainers: Mirafit Resistance Band Set (£74.95 / not available in the US)
  2. Best for chest training: Gymproluxe Band Bar Set (from £104.95 / international shipping available)
  3. Best for guided workouts: Gorilla Bow Travel (from $248.99 / £199.99)
  4. Best for core and rotation: TRX RIP Trainer ($189.95 / £159.95)
  5. Best for beginners: TRX Bandit ($49.95 / £69.95)
  6. Best system on a budget: My Protein 11-Piece Band Set ($64 / £50)
  7. Best for travel: Myprotein Two Band Set ($36 / £27)
  8. Best for quad training: Eono Fabric Resistance Bands (£14.99 / not available in the US)
  9. Best for stretching: Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Bands (£8.84 / not available in the US)
Mirafit Resistance Band Set

Best for experienced lifters

Mirafit Resistance Bands Set


£74.95 / (not available in the US)

Versatility: 4.5/5
Band quality: 4/5
Resistance range: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Resistance: 15-230lb (6.8-104.3kg) | Material: 100% natural latex | Colours: Grey / orange / black | Number of bands: 6

The Mirafit Resistance Bands Set features six traditional bands with a range perfectly suited for both muscle building and stretching. The bands are made of non-snap, 100% natural latex, and feel seriously robust.

The lighter bands are grey, giving 15-25lb (6.8-11.3kg) and 45-50lb (20.4-22.7kg) of resistance, the two middle bands go from 75-100lb (34-45.3kg) and 100-120lb (45.3-54.4kg) and are orange, while the heaviest bands are black with a range of 120-175lb (54.4-79.4kg) and 175-230lb (79.4-104.3kg).

Novices may need to research how to get the most from the Mirafit Resistance Bands Set, but these bands could liberate you from ever stepping foot in a gym again.

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Gymproluxe Band Bar Set

Best for chest training

Gymproluxe Band Bar Set


From £104.95 / (international shipping available)

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 5/5
Resistance range: 4/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Resistance: 26-80lb (11.8-36.3kg) / 35-105lb (15.9-47.6kg) / 52-153lb (23.6-69.4kg) / 66-198lb (29.9-89.8kg) / 88-264lb (39.9-119.8kg) | Material: Latex | Colours: Black with multicoloured bands | Number of bands: 5 sets of 3 available

The Gymproluxe Band Bar Set gives you three levels of resistance in one convenient, lightweight belt. It also incorporates a bar for the best chest training we’ve experienced from a band system.

It’s a clever set-up that covers loads of exercises out of the box, but it’s definitely better suited to upper body training.

There are five choices of band kits, with the lightest offering 26lb (11.8kg), 52lb (23.6kg) and 80lb (36.3kg) of resistance and the heaviest 88lb (39.9kg), 176lb (79.8kg) and 264lb (119.8kg). You can release individual bands to drop the weight by increments of three. Presses, rows, curls and flyers are all easy to access whether standing up or lying down, so you can smash out a decent workout pretty much anywhere.

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Gorilla Bow Travel

Best for guided workouts

Gorilla Bow Travel


From $248.99 / £199.99 /

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 4/5
Resistance range: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

Resistance: Up to 350lb (158.8kg) | Colours: Black with coloured bands | Number of bands: 9 or 11 | Features: 3-piece bow / simultaneous band use / carry case

If you’re someone who likes the idea of investing in a system that covers full-body fitness, then the Gorilla Bow Travel should float your boat. With two different sets available offering 9 or 11 bands and up to 330lb (149.7kg) or 350lb (158.8kg) or resistance respectively, you can get a highly effective workout in.

You can load the bow with up to four bands, so that means four resistance strengths when you use one band at a time. You can also use multiple bands simultaneously to layer resistance. That means it’s easy to quickly drop the weight when you fatigue – perfect for drop sets.

Roughly 55in (140cm) tall when assembled, the Gorilla Bow is the most commanding of all our fitness band systems and the bulkiest. In its travel version, though, it detaches into three elements that help it fit easily in a large bag or small suitcase.

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TRX RIP Trainer; workout pole with resistance band

Best for core and rotation

TRX RIP Trainer


$189.95 / £159.95 /

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 5/5
Resistance range: 3/5

Resistance: 20lb (9kg) – 15lb (7kg), 25lb (11kg), 38lb (17kg) and 50lb (23kg) are optional extras | Colours: Black and yellow | Features: Door anchor / carabiner / six-year guarantee

The TRX RIP Trainer is not just a pole with a band on the end, it’s a core annihilator in disguise.

Excellent for turning traditional moves into asymmetric exercises, the TRX focuses the resistance on one side of your body, forcing you to compensate, and in turn develop muscles you’d usually lock into with pilates or other core-focused training.

The TRX RIP Trainer is covered by a six-year warranty and comes with a medium chord, which packs 20lb (9kg) of resistance. Four other cords are available: light (15lb / 7kg); heavy (25lb / 11kg); the extra-heavy (38lb / 17kg); and XX-heavy (50lb / 23kg), each costing around £15.

The included door anchor and carabiner give you options to use it indoors and out, although the system requires a few clear square meters beyond as well as relatively high ceilings.

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TRX Bandit Resistance Band Kit; resistance bands with handles

Best for beginners

TRX Bandit Resistance Band Kit


$49.95 / £69.95 /

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 4.5/5
Resistance range: 3.5/5

Resistance: 5lb (2.3kg) to 60lb (27.2kg) | Colours: Black and yellow | Number of bands: 5 | Features: Six-year guarantee / compatible with other TRX bands

The TRX Bandit Resistance Band Kit is incredibly simple, but it’s also very effective and user-friendly, consisting of two light bands and two medium bands, as well as two handles.

Up to two bands can slide into each handle at a time, creating an easy-to-grip resistance band system with up to four resistance strengths. Tension ranges from 5lb (2.3kg, one light band) to 60lbs (27.2kg, two medium bands), and the Bandit handles also work with heavier TRX bands too, which can be bought separately for around £20.

While it won’t be for anyone looking to put on serious mass, the Bandit can still help most people get a tough, muscle-building workout in higher rep ranges.

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Myprotein 11-Piece Band Set; multiple resistance bands in different colours alongside detachable handles

Best system on a budget

Myprotein 11-Piece Band Set


$64 / £50 /

Versatility: 4.5/5
Band quality: 4/5
Resistance range: 3.5/5

Resistance: 10lb (4.5kg), 20lb (9.1kg), 30lb (13.6kg), 40lb (18.1kg), 50lb (22.7kg) | Colours: Black | Number of bands: 5 | Features: Leg straps / door anchor

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better set of bands for beginners than the MyProtein 11-Piece Band Set. The system is big on bands and value, shipping with five tube bands, two handles, two leg straps and a door anchor, tucked away in a breathable net bag.

The five bands are all different colours and range from 10lb (4.5kg) to 50lb (22.7kg) in resistance. Each end of each band features a carabiner (clamp), which can latch onto either a handle, a leg strap or the door anchor. Use the leg strap around your ankle, and it’s ideal for abductor, adductor and glute exercises, and with the handles on both sides, you’ve got shoulder and chest presses covered.

The MyProtein 11-Piece Band Set isn’t as high resistance as much of the competition, but for constant tension and high rep range conditioning, the five bands – which can be doubled up for extra resistance – work a treat.

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Myprotein Resistance Bands; grey rolled up resistance bands

Best for lower body

Myprotein Resistance Bands


$36 / £27 /

Versatility: 4/5
Band quality: 4.5/5
Resistance range: 2/5

Resistance: 50.7lb to 119lb (23kg to 54kg) each | Colours: Dark grey | Number of bands: 2

The Myprotein two-band set is an excellent shout, especially for anyone who wants to amp up their lower-body training. Taught and tough, the bands are also great pull-up aids and can help you lock into larger muscle groups like glutes and lower back.

There’s nothing fancy about the Myprotein Resistance Bands beyond the fact they’re great quality. Unlike the Myprotein 11-Piece Band Set, these two tough cookies won’t be too light for low rep ranges. In fact, if you’re looking for bands to exercise your arms or upper body, these will probably be too high-resistance.

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Eono Fabric Resistance Bands; pink, turquoise and blue resistance bands

Best for thigh training

Eono Fabric Resistance Bands


£14.99 / (not available in the US)

Versatility: 3.5/5
Band quality: 4.5/5
Resistance range: 3/5

Resistance: 15lb to 50lb (6.8-22.7kg) | Materials: Polyester, latex | Colours: Pink, cyan, blue | Number of bands: 3 | Features: Carry pouch

The Eono Fabric Resistance Bands are great for passively adding some extra resistance to squats and glute bridges. They serve up versatility with three strengths, and they also offer decent value, working out to roughly £5 each.

As well as being soft and comfortable, they’re also more taught than traditional bands – a standard characteristic of fabric alternatives. This extra tension is good for working out your glutes.

Each band is a 15-inch loop, with the light band being pink, medium being cyan, and heavy being blue. Eono has even sewn in internal grip strips inside the workout bands which help keep them steady and prevent any slipping or rolling during workouts.

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Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Band Set; orange, green and pink resistance bands

Best for stretching

Amazon Basics TPE Resistance Band Set


£8.84 / (not available in the US)

Versatility: 5/5
Band quality: 3/5
Resistance range: 3/5

Materials: latex-free TPE | Colours: pink, green, orange | Number of bands: 3

The Amazon Basics TPE resistance band set is a no-frills stretching aid for light resistance workouts, injury rehabilitation and increasing blood flow to an area. The set gives you three long, versatile bands for under £10 – pink is heavy resistance, green is medium and orange light.

Amazon doesn’t offer corresponding weight ratings for each band. But, they’re all on the lighter side when compared to the other bands on test.

These aren’t looped either, so will rely on you to grip them in order to create tension, but that actually makes them a bit more versatile for certain two-handed exercises like lat raises, which wouldn’t be possible with a looped band.

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